Ottawa Classic Stairs (OCS) is a leading pre-fabricated stair builder and stair part supplier. Our team also specializes in stair renovations as well as 3D wall panels fabrication and installation.


At OCS we have built every size and style of staircase imaginable. With years of hands on experience and the sophistication of CAD design, we ensure all of your projects meet with you and your customers’ expectations.

Builders use factory built doors, windows, and trusses. This process is more efficient and produces a better product. Ottawa Classic Stairs offers the same benefits with factory built staircases.

The OCS staircase is completely assembled in a factory environment and shipped pre-fabricated. The railing is pre-assembled on the stair as it would appear in your foyer then labeled and knocked down for shipping, facilitating the job site installation. This saves you considerable time and money in scheduling, material, and labor as your staircase is installed in hours, not weeks.

With an in-house design team we have the ability to offer guidance and expertise with choosing a staircase that is best suited for your project. OCS then provides detailed shop drawings for job site verification as well as an itemized staircase and railing estimate.

All OCS stairs are protected for shipping and to protect from the elements on the job site. This ensures that your project’s first piece of furniture arrives intact and remains in factory condition until it is time to finish.

Six to eight weeks is the typical lead time for the delivery of the staircase to your job site.

The OCS staircase team will ensure, from design to installation, that your stair system, whether it consists of straight stairs, curved stairs, glass enclosed stairs or circular stairs, will enhance the value, marketability and esthetics of your project.

Visit our Residential Stairs section to find the stair system that is best suited for your project.


Are you looking to revive your staircase? Looking to switch from carpet to wood finished stairs? Ottawa Classic Stairs can help! Unless you completely want to revamp or redesign a new staircase, which we can also do, we have the ability to transform your existing staircase to give your home a brand new look.

Take a look at our Renovations section for more details and learn how you can improve your staircase.


With Ottawa Classic Stairs’ extensive experience working with high-end quality wood products, it was an easy transition for us to add 3D wood wall panels to our gamut of services. These architecturally pleasing, decorative wood panels are a great addition to any wall in your home, adding instant pizzazz to any room.

For contemporary wood wall panel ideas and photos, visit our 3D Wall Panels section.